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Episode Audio

Recorded on July 14, 2017


  • Michael Santarcangelo
    Founder of Security Catalyst, author of Into the Breach, and creator of the Straight Talk Framework.
  • Paul Asadoorian
    Embedded device security researcher, security podcaster, and CEO of Active Countermeasures .
  • Interview: Ronnie Feldman, Learnings & Entertainments

    Ronnie Feldman is the President & Creative Director of Learnings & Entertainments, a network of comedians musicians, and writers that builds creative content to improve employee engagement, communication and corporate education. L&E recently launched the L&E Privacy & Info Security Suites, which is a library of short, advertising-like "commercials" that help promote information security awareness more frequently and in short, interesting, positive ways. Ronnie has an improv comedy background and has spent the better part of the past 25 years playing in the entertainment and learning space, using creative approaches to make learning more fun and impactful.

    Startup Articles & Discussion

    Startup & Security Notes of Interest

    Symantec Acquired Skycure for an undisclosed amount

    Symantec Acquired FireGlass for an undisclosed amount

    ZeroFOX raised $40M in series

    Deep Instinct raised $32M Series B

    Flashpoint raised $28M Series C

    Nok Nok Labs raised $8M Series D

    RiskLens raised $5M in Series A

    Entrupy raised $2.6M in Series A

    • Entrupy, a New York-based provider of high-end luxury goods authentication SaaS, has raised $2.6 million in Series A funding led by a joint venture between Digital Garage and Daiwa Securities Group.

    DarkTrace raised $75M in Series D

    • ‘’Darktrace is a provider of cloud-based cyber security solutions for the healthcare, government, transportation, defence and telecommunication sector.’’
    • $179.5M since 2013 (but might not be complete) - big funding rounds
    • From Adam Lashinksi @ Fortune: “Missed it by that much. Darktrace, a hot cybersecurity startup that touts using artificial intelligence, this week almost became the next $1 billion "unicorn" startup, but not quite. The company, which uses machine learning technology and analyzes patterns of network traffic to track threats lurking on corporate networks, was privately valued at $825 million after raising a new round of funding worth $75 million.”

    HyTrust raised $36M in Series E

    HyTrust acquired DataGravity for an undisclosed amount

    The Startup Journey: Updates

    Michael's Journey:

    • Using personal and life experience to refine the Straight Talk Framework
    • Actively seeking engagements
    • 1-2 openings to explore longer-term working arrangements

    Michael's Writing

    Paul's Journey: