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Startup Security Weekly #65

Recorded December 8, 2017 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!


  • Paul Asadoorian
    Embedded device security researcher, security podcaster, and CEO of Active Countermeasures .
  • Michael Santarcangelo
    Founder of Security Catalyst, author of Into the Breach, and creator of the Straight Talk Framework.
  • Announcements

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    Interview: Todd O'Boyle, StrongArm

    Todd O'Boyle
    Co-Founder of Strong Arm, , Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Percipient Networks
    Todd O’Boyle is a co-founder and CTO at Strongarm, an Allied Minds company. Prior to Strongarm, Todd spent 15 years at The MITRE Corporation, providing technical support to the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. He also served as principal investigator for a project developing methods to improve how operators respond to adversaries. Todd researched software protections used by adversaries, approaches to discover malicious insiders, profiling network flow data to identify adversary activity, and computer forensics.
    Todd has a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science from Purdue University.

    Article Discussion on Leadership, Innovation, and Startup Success

    Getting to the Critical Few Behaviors That Can Drive Cultural Change

    • The power of 3 works when it comes to behaviors, too
    • Highlights the use of the 5 Whys — one of the tools I teach for helping people better answer “What problem are we trying to solve?”
    • When affecting change, what are the keystone behaviors? Start there.
    • What are your implementation criteria?

    The power of office back-channeling begins with its mere existence

    • Ah, the ‘back channeling’ that is common in the modern enterprise (and family)
    • Interesting impact on the dynamic of majority and minority opinions
    • If you know the back-channel exists, you are more likely to engage in discussions to understand the other perspectives

    The ‘Seed Stage’ is Now The ‘Seed Gradient’

    • Series A is often the fourth institutional round of funding (following accelerators, pre-seed, and seed)
    • While a challenge, plenty of money available for capable startups
    • Consider the downsides of ‘easy money’

    Research: If You Position Products as a Set, People Are More Likely to Buy Them All

    • It feels good to finish; understanding this need drives product strategy
    • “Pseudo-set framing” has a dramatic impact
    • It’s about framing, and not the choices themselves (how much is enough?)

    The Five Traits of Successful Teams at Google

    • Psychological safety is essential; this is how a team can take risks and still feel safe
    • Structure and clarity
    • Meaning

    Startup & Security News You Need to Know

    Pre-Seed Venture Aims To Help Startups Do More With Less

    • Basically in response to the increasing size of seed and Series A deals
    • It appears to be a shift to what seed funding was a decade ago
    • Easier to raise a smaller fund than a larger fund; smaller funds make smaller bets (generally)
    • Interesting analysis of modern unicorns and their initial funding rounds (average size of 300-600k)
    • Easier to start, harder to scale…

    InterVision Systems acquired Independent Technology Group (undisclosed)

    Prevoty raised $13M Series B

    Okta reports earnings, moves headquarters and launches free service for startups

    • Focus on the service for startups; not only is this interesting — but it fits into our model of improving the security of business by exploring the business of security; let’s discuss this development and the potential is has
    • At some level, is this like what Elizabeth Lawler talked about on show # … brining open-source programs forward? It’s different… but does this fit that trend?
    • “With Okta for Startups, we’ll enable new and growing companies to focus on what’s most important when you’re getting started – your core business and customers – by making it easy (and free) to build a foundation of identity and access management into your app or company infrastructure.”

    Riskonnect acquired Aruvio

    Blackstone acquired TITUS (undisclosed; $100M rumor)

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