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Episode Audio

Opening Discussion

ITPro.TV Announcement: "Upcoming courses include Cybersecurity Analyst+, CCNA Cyber Ops, ITIL Operational Support and Analysis, Penetration testing, Networking+, Ethical Hacking v9. ITProTV is introducing a new membership level soon. All current Premium Members will be granted the highest membership level available, so ​sign up today! Visit​ and use code ​ SS30."

Listener Feedback

Matt reached out that he got a new job. Said the advice of our program benefitted him. Matt - great job, keep watching, and crush it!

Interview: Bob Stratton, Mach37

Bob Stratton is a serial Internet and cybersecurity entrepreneur. Bob was one of the founding partners at Mach37, the first dedicated cybersecurity startup accelerator, Prior to Mach37, Bob was Director of Government Research at Symantec Research Labs, has founded product and service companies in information security, and was a part of launching product categories for firewalls, network intrusion detection, penetration testing services, and virtualized software testing. He helped stand up IQT, the US Intelligence Community's foray into venture capital investing. Bob also started the Security organization at UUNET, one of the very first and largest commercial Internet service providers.

  • What is unique about running a security startup?
  • How about moving from a services/consulting company to a product company?
  • What are some unique things investors are interested in when talking to security startups?
  • Where are the best opportunities in the market for security startups?
  • What advice do you have for those who may have an idea and want to create a security startup?
  • What are some of the most exciting security startups in the industry right now and why?
  • What advice do you have for enterprises looking at solution and considering (or not) a solution for a security startup?

Startup Stories

Michael's Stories

Paul's Stories

Startup & Security Notes of Interest

And so it begins
'The Cyber: At any given time, at least two of the top stories on Techmeme are about another major hacking situation. (Today: MongoDB and ESEA.) We're becoming numb to the headlines; we expect everyone will get hacked at some point. But each situation has profound implications for the businesses it affects. Sony is still recovering from the hack of the century. Yahoo faces an existential crisis because of its hack. Venture capital and the startup community know this means major opportunity. But it's becoming clear that they're not alone: Big enterprise tech companies see it, too. This morning Microsoft and Qualcomm invested an undisclosed amount in Team8, a cybersecurity startup studio based in Israel. The company is led by the veterans of Unit 8200, Israel's digital intelligence unit, which my colleague Robert Hackett notes is often referred to as the country's National Security Agency-equivalent. Microsoft and Qualcomm follow Cisco, Altatel-Lucent and Innovation Endeavors, which all invested in Team8 in 2015. So far the incubator has created two standalone cybersecurity companies. It plans to create five by next year. They could wind up being owned by Team8's investors. Microsoft is big on Israeli cybersecurity. In 2015 the company acquired Aorato, an Israeli application firewall startup, for a reported $200 million. Last July, it bought up Adallom, an Israeli cloud security company, for a reported $320 million. In October, the company bought Secure Islands, an Israeli data security firm.

St. Jude Releases Cyber Updates For Heart Devices After U.S. Probe

startups, acquisitions, and security

Amazon acquired

undisclosed amount

Infocyte raised $2.7m

Equity round following a Nov 2014 Seed round of $500k

Phantom Cyber raised $13.5M (series B)

The Startup Journey: Updates

Michael's Journey:

  • Rebooted the last public cohort of Straight Talk Essentials (new name)
  • Focusing on working with teams; specifically working with individuals in the context of teams - only have space for 10 teams this year
  • Bringing a new product/solution to market this quarter for individuals and teams

What I published recently

Do we really need higher education to solve our perceived and actual security needs?

Paul's Journey