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Security Weekly News Episode #32 - May 07, 2020

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1. News - PerSwaysion, ILoveYou, & POWER-SUPPLaY - Wrap Up - 12:00 PM-12:30 PM


This week, Doug White wraps up the hot topics and interviews across all of our shows on the network! Then delving into some of the top news stories like No more foreign power equipment, AppleGoogle bans the use of GPS in tracking, power supply oohs and aahs, and the Love Bug Remembered!


Doug White's Content:


  1. Corpse reviver but use Pernod instead of Absinthe
  2. Salesforce COVID App
  3. COVID App privacy.
  4. Exfiltration of airgapped data using the power supply.
  5. Apple and Google ban the use of GPS in tracking apps.
  6. Sway Phishing kit targets executives.
  7. Microsoft Teams GIF vulnerability.
  8. nearly a million Wordpress sites targeted with XSS vulnerabilities.
  9. New US Executive order bans bulk power purchases from foreign sources.
  10. Eventbot malware targets banking apps on Android phones.
  11. I Love you hit us all on Cinco de Mayo in 2000.