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Security Weekly News Episode #41 - June 09, 2020

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1. News - Tycoon Ransomware, CallStranger, & Matt Allen - 02:00 PM-02:30 PM

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This week, Twitter cracks down on 5G, Tycoon Ransomware, Citizen App, CallStranger, and REvil! Matt Allen from VIAVI Solutions joins us for Expert Commentary to talk about Leveraging enriched flow insights to accelerate response and remediation!

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Matt Allen

Matt Allen is a Senior Solutions Engineer at VIAVI Solutions. Prior to his 8 years at VIAVI, Matt has garnered 20 years of experience in the network engineering and telecommunications space. He holds the following certifications: Amazon Cloud Practictioner, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Certified Novell Engineer, and most recently Certified Ethical Hacker.


Doug White's Content:


  1. Layer8 Conference Site.
  2. [link to discord server?]
  3. REvil Ransomware opens a dark web auction site.
  4. Tycoon Java based ransomare targets windows and Linux.
    1. Another Tycoon Story
  5. CallStranger UPnP vulnerability.
    1. CERT Vulnerability Note on CallStranger
  6. App use during protests.
    1. Signal adds face blurring tool.
  7. You are probably spreading misinformation article.
  8. Paper about Omniballot and Democracy Live.
  9. Twitter cracks down on 5g conspiracy nonsense.