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Security Weekly News Episode #48 - July 10, 2020

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1. News - F5-BIGIP RCE, Zoom 0-Day, & Apache Guacamole RCE - Wrap Up - 12:00 PM-12:30 PM


Look, this week, it's all about the RCE. Seriously, there were so many RCE stories, wow. Oh and a creepy guy story. All this and more on the Security Weekly News Wrap Up!


Doug White's Content:


  1. TikTok may be "banned".
  2. F5-BIGIP Devices RCE.
    1. CVE-2020-5902
  3. Netgear RCE issue.
  4. Palo-Alto Global Protect RCE.
    1. CVE-2020-2034
    2. CVE-2020-2030
  5. Juniper Bulletin on BGP RPD Crash.
  6. Citrix RCE on Netscaler.
    1. Table of all these CVEs
  7. Zoom zero day on Win 7 and older machines.
  8. Apache Guacamole RCE.
    1. CVE-2020-9497
  9. Creepy computer vendor uses used laptops to spy on customers.