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Seth Fogie did a presentation called Shmoocon 2007 - Windows Mobile Software: Raw and Exposed at Shmoocon 2007.

  • How did you get into Windows Mobile hacking?
  • When was your first presentation on Windows Mobile Hacking?
  • At blackhat 2005, you presented again, what did you add?
  • How does the shmoocon presentation differ from your others? What did you add?
  • What are the remote attach vectors?
  • Have you seen any malware that is targeting Windows Mobile phones? How about malware that infects a PC, then the phone? How about the other way around?
  • Tell us how to 0wn iTunes?
  • How do you protect yourself from all these attacks?
  • What is the best anti-virus software for windows mobile?
  • How can people write better Windows Mobile applications?
  • What other stuff are you working on besides windows mobile hacking?