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= Announcements & Shameless Plugs =
PaulDotCom Security Weekly - Episode 328 for Thursday April 18th, 2013
* Register for both our tracks at Blackhat USA Las Vegas! [ Defensive Countermeasures: Foundations for Becoming a Devious Defender] and [ Offensive Countermeasures: The Art Of Active Defense] July 27-28 & 29-30, register before May 31 for the best price!
* Register for our free webcast [ Hacking Embedded Systems (No Axe Required)] on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 2:00 PM EDT to hear Paul talk about hacking embedded systems on the fly, on the cheap no soldering iron required! (we are also looking for sponsors for this webcast so please contact paul -at- for details!)
* Come to [ Security BSides Rhode Island Two-Day Conference] on June 14th and 15th tickets are NOW ON SALE at []. Featured presentations from Josh Wright , Kevin Finisterre, Kati Rodzon and Mike Murray, Bruce Potter, Joe McCray,Ron Gula, Ben Jackson, Dave Maynor and the entire PaulDotCom Security Weekly crew!
* If you are in the Boston area, check out [ BSides Boston] with Keynotes by Dan Geer and Josh Corman on Saturday May 18th!
== Announcement ==
* We are in the process of archiving and cataloging our technical segments, please visit the [ PaulDotCom Security Weekly Technical Library] and we indexed all of the [ interviews we have conducted]. Also, please follow us on Google+ [ The PaulDotCom Security Weekly Google+ Community], [ The PaulDotCom Security Weekly Google+ Page] and [ Paul's Google+ Page].
* [ Larry teaching SANS SEC617] all over and coming to a city near you in 2013. It isn't too Late to sign up for my class in San Diego this May!
* If you are interested in hosting SANS Training in the Boston area via the mentor format, please send us an email at mike -at -! We're looking for a location that can host 2 hours in the evening, 1 night a week, for 10 weeks.
== Interview Details ==

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