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= Episode Media =
[MP3 pt1]
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= Announcements =
PaulDotCom Security Weekly - Episode 342 for Thursday August 22nd, 2013
* We've released a book on Offensive Countermeasures! Visit [] to add this to your summer reading list.
= Stories =
==Larry’s Stories==
#[ New Social media site] - [Larry] - Check it out, sign up and share everything!
#[ IT'S A TRAP] - [Larry] - NSA releases a guide on securing OSX…
#[ Changing IP addresses and proxies are Illegal in California] - [Larry] - At least it isn't Florida where computers are illegal… but this is interesting, IE changing IP addresses, in that this may be exactly what routers and firewalls technically do…
==Jack's Stories==
#[ One of Paul's favorite subjects] used for EVIL??! Say it isn't true! Yes, explosive breast implants are threatening life and liberty! Or this is FUD bullshit, recycled from [ years ago] by those who thrive on fear and terror- the press and government bureaucrats cashing in on CYBER and TERROR FUD.#[ FDA listens] and issues recommendations on wireless medical device security.#[ Microsoft has to pull another patch], this time it is an Exchange patch. That is bad. Very bad. We're trying to get folks to patch faster, not give them excuses for being exposed.
==Allison's Stories==


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