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==Larry's Stories==
#[ iOS 7 image identification] - [Larry] - Thank you again, Dr Krawetz for your image analysis. He discovered that images taken with the camera on iOS 7 add some unique fields to the EXIF metadata in the Maker Notes field, which is typically reserved for manufacturer specific tags. Apple decided to use this tag to include some unusual vaules which refer to CMTime which stores values for time offsets, which though analyis appears to include application usage, time from last boot, standby time and ) I think time since last photo…ExifTool knows how to parse the data, but does not describe the fields….yet.
#[ RfCat intro] - [Larry] - Full disclosure I work for InGuardians. @cutaway put together a great introduction to using RfCat, which I have always thought as daunting as being the next step into the SDR market (limited transmit capabilities as opposed to the RTL devices). Cutaway gives us some great tips in how we can use it for general analysis with a "radio app" and then turn that into reception of actual packets, and how to configure the radio - by sniffing the configuration of the radio on the actual device by bus sniffing…this is a great thing as, I've struggled to find any good universally acessible tutorials on RfCat
#[ 5 WiFi security myths to abandon] - [Larry] - Wow, 2008 called and wants their myths back…hidden, SSIDs, MAC filtering, Limit IP pool, Disable DHCP, "small networks"
==Allison's super cool stuff while drinking a bud and clamato ==

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