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#[ Heathrow Express WiFi TOS] - [Larry] - Love it. Includes notification that HEX and others can monitor traffic, and that the user is responsible for their own security (or lack thereof). I wonder how many people actually read these things...
== Jack's Stories of Despair and Paranoia ==
#[ Lessons in insecure SSL courtesy of Hoyts cinemas] "This is what we refer to as “Security Theatre” and it’s the fake boobs of web security"
#[ The paranoid computer user's guide to privacy, security and encryption] "Hack-proof computers don’t exist. That’s an important truth to keep in mind as you browse this guide to building a more secure computer."
#[ Spaf says "Industry Is Failing Miserably At Fixing Underlying Dangers"]
#[ Uber Facts fails at critical thinking] with the Tweet "Men who do not take an annual vacation have a 20% higher risk of death and about a 30% greater risk of death from heart disease." Repeat it with me kids, correlation is not causation, umbrellas do not cause rain.
#[ Researchers Find and Decode the Spy Tools Governments Use to Hijack Phones]
== Joff's Stories ==


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