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[ IRS PWNable through wireless?] - [Larry] - According to an internal audit, outof 20 IRS facillitites, 10 could be potentially compromised through wireless. (Even in Denver - Andy, get to Denver and get me a refund, will ya?)
[ SMS Phishing] - [PaulDotComPaul] - F-Secure is so cool, when they get SMS phishing , they call the phone number in the SMS message, then post the conversation to the blog.
[ MD5 Hashes on the Interweb] - [PaulDotComPaul] - Hashes of zero byte files are all the same. Some further explanation [ Here].
[ An Easy Way to decrapify a PC] - [PaulDotComPaul] - one word, FORMAT!!!!! and re-install...
[ Panic in Kabul] - [PaulDotComPaul] - Viruses spread through cell phones you know, and you could get very sick.
[ Awesome Comments From Thomas Ptacek] - [PaulDotComPaul] - I agree with all the statements, for the most part..
[ RPC DNS - Patch Now!] - [PaulDotComPaul] - Don't wait for the next patch tuesday, patch now!
[ Blackberry dies, oh my!] - [PaulDotComPaul] - Crackberry users everywhere panic, widespread histeria, ppl are forced to use computers to check email, the horror!!
[ Two Factor Authentication?] - [PaulDotComPaul] - A username and password is NOT two-factor auth!
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