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Welcome to Security Weekly, Episode 138 for January 29th, 2009. A show for security professionals and by security professionals who have way too much access to beer. and computers. and maltego.
* [ Melissa on Twitter AKA @Geekgrrl] - Self described "Introvert. Geek. Christian. Wife. Admin. ..." and now contributer to the PaulDotCom Security Weekly Sweeper madness!* [ PaulDotCom Security Weekly Upcoming Events] - Security webcast galore and the PaulDotCom Security Weekly weekly planner on all PSW events.* '''Shmoocon!''' - new and improved formula with a PaulDotCom Security Weekly booth, live webcast and shmooball target practice! Also, hear Larry and Dave Lauer speak on building Shmooball launchers [ in Washington DC Feb 6]
* [ HACK NAKED TV] - Hack Naked TV! Episode 1 and 2 are out. Look for more goodies here!
* [ Security Weekly SANS Click-Through] - Go there, register for some of the best training available! Go now or we take the shmooball cannon off of 'stun' mode.

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