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** B-Sides Boston 2015 is May 9th in Cambridge, MA. Got a great topic, or fresh new idea? Share it with the community at BSB 2015 [ call for papers is now open, CFP deadline is March 1st]
= Guest Interview: Deviant Ollam =
== Bio ==
= Guest Interview: Onapsis =
= Stories =
== Sponsors ==
== Paul's Stories ==
#[] Just in time for Valentine's Day: More than 60 percent of mobile dating apps are vulnerable to cyber attacks (Frank suggestion)]
#[ Today I Am Releasing Ten Million Passwords]
#[ "A Winning Strategy: Must Patch]
#[ Forbes targeted drive by]
#[ - MS05MS15-011] == Carlos's Stories == == Joff's stories of his teenage mates of past days ==
== Jack's lack of stories ==
#[ And now, from Adobe... "Chinese Hacking Group Codoso Team Uses As Watering Hole" (Frank suggestion)]
#[ The year the security dog caught the car] A great take on the state of security from Gunnar Peterson
#[ Markey Car Security Report Just the Start for Automakers] The car biz is awretched hive of scum and villainy
#[ Stopping a Smart TV From Eavesdropping On You Could Be a Felony]


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