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Chuck writes in:
I've been listening to your show for awhile now. I love it!!! I am what you would call an advanced novice by your standards. I know my way around a PC pretty well. I am curious about wireless security ( isn't that an oxymoron? ). I know that wep is broken, mac filtering can be spoofed, ssid is good enough for the honest people. That leaves wap. I know that it is vulnerable off site brute force attacks. My question is this? How secure would my network be with the following password?
Now this is not my password it is just one the i created as an example. My plan is to store several of these passwords on a thumb drive and then just use them as needed. How secure would this be?
James writes in:
(says thanks for the pen testing responses from last week, your most welcome! We expect a 10% cut of all your profits :)
I have on nit to pick though.
You reported that Apple had closed the Intel Darwin source code to their kernel. This is a second hand story that has not been officially confirmed by Apple. It's a second hand story reported in Slashdot that MAY be true but hasn't been confirmed yet. All that's happened is that Apple is late in posting the source code. Given the fact that Intel based machines are a really new thing for them, maybe we can cut them a bit of slack here. gotta take what you read in slashdot with a grain of salt (maybe a boulder of salt).
When(if) it is confirmed ---well then I will join you in a rant or howl a the moon. In the meantime maybe we should wait and see ok?


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