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= Paul's Security Weekly - Episode 459 - 6:00PM =
Recorded April 7th, 2016
This week we interview James Lyne
== Episode Audio ==
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== Announcements ==
* InfoSec World 2016, returning to Disney’s Contemporary Resort on April 4-6, 2016, will present over 100 industry experts who will share hands-on, practical advice on a range of security topics. From understanding your adversary to learning about the zero-day exploit market to bridging the gap between security and the business, InfoSec World 2016 will offer an opportunity for security professionals to learn something new and test ideas with peers. Join us in Orlando to increase your information security knowledge, and help the security community get one step closer to Unlocking Security's Message.
= Interview with James Lyne, Instructor at SANS Institute and Director of Technology Strategy at Sophos- 6:00PM-7:00PM =
James comes from a background in cryptography but over the years has worked in a wide variety of security problem domains including anti-malware and hacking. James spent many years as a hands-on analyst dealing with deep technical issues and is a self-professed "massive geek". Eventually James escaped dark rooms and learned some social skills, and today is a keen presenter at conferences and industry events. With a wide range of experience working in a technical and a strategic capacity from incident response to forensics with some of the world's largest and most paranoid organisations James participates in industry panels, policy groups, and is a frequently-called-upon expert advisor all over the world. James is a frequent guest lecturer and often appears in the media including national TV. As a young spokesperson for the industry James is extremely passionate about talent development and participates in initiatives to identify new talent for the industry and to develop it. Ask James to show you his best geek party trick.
= Stories of the Week - 7:00PM-8:00PM =
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== Paul's Stories ==


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