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== Michael's (Santa) Stories ==
#[ Tracking the Trends in Bringing Our Own Devices to Work] --> good to know the trends. Broader, use is up, sanctioned or not. Oh, and it correlates with higher performance. Find a way to make it work.
#[ Collaboration will help combat cybersecurity: David Thodey] --> of course. The way forward it what is essential.
#[ IT leaders pick productivity over security] —> this is due to low confidence in the domain, inability to measure, and struggles to communicate. Time for some straight talk!
#[ Behind the scenes at security conferences] —> note the sorts of talks that get accepted and how to improve the experience for everyone
#[ Twitter Bars Intelligence Agencies From Using Analytics Service] -> this is about optics, mostly
#[ The Real “Weakest Link” In Security Isn’t What You Think] —> flip the narrative (long overdue) and explore how tech and people combined boost security
#[ Strengthening authentication through big data] —> unfounded password hate aside, does more data lead to way to higher levels of assurance for identity proofing and authentication?
#[ This App Knows Exactly Where You Were Standing When You Took A Photo] —> cool or creepy?


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