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Founding President of Greater Augusta ISSA
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1) GIAC now has the GPYC (Giac Python Coder) Certification. So if you know Python you now have a credential you can show to employers that proves you have that skill
2) Joff Thyer is teaching SEC573 at SANS Network Security in Las Vegas Monday Sep 12, 2016. This is the LAST OPPORTUNITY to take this course in its current form at a PUBLIC event (we run this course a lot privately). Today it is "Python for Penetration Tester" and the entire course is focused on developing Penetration Testing tools. Next year the course will be rewritten to reach a broader audience. Next year it will have approximately 1 day of forensics, 1 day of defense and 1 day of penetration testing. So if you want a 100% penetration testing focused class then you want to go see Joff Thyer this September.
I can bring these up and discuss them in context while discussing :
- The current SEC573 and the new SEC573 course,
- how this relates to the LONG list of Python courses that are available on the web
- WHO should take the course? A beginners or someone who already knows how to code?
Older, but perhaps some of your listeners didn't see these. If you would like we can talk about these two forms of the same defenseive tactic. Deceiving attackers with fake or altered credentials.
- Honey hashes:

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