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== Larry's Stories ==
#[ Tavis at AV again] - This time unpackers in the kernel? always a good idea, right? Only if it is wormable. Oh, it is? GREAT!
#[ Uber Bug bounty submissions] - I love this write up on some submissions to Uber’s Bug Bounty program. Not only did they find some interesting things at Uber, the showed us how they did it. great things to think about with any web/mobile app testing, and some good methodology to put in the toolbox.
#[ No more passwords!] - It is ok, because studies say they will be gone by 2025, to be replaced by “biometrics “behavioral and otherwise”. To qopte every Star Wars Character ever: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this."
#[ Unofficial count of wiretaps indicate 1% use encryption] - Hrm. Dumb.
== Joff's Stories ==

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