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== Paul's Stories ==
#[ OpenIOC – Sharing Threat Intelligence] - Can something like this work?
#[ Facebook Using Physical Location to Suggest Friends]- Well Duh, ever wonder why when you search for someone FB tends to suggest the correct person? It did this when I added my fellow Little League coaches, its based on location.
#[ "What is your most unusual User-Agent?]
#[ Interview with an NSA Hacker] - TLDR, but I plan too.
#[ Google Play Hit with Rash of Auto-Rooting Malware] - This app, which claims to be a level, jailbreaks your device and installs malicious apps.
#[ "Planes] - For, you guessed it, Ransomeware.
#[ Conficker Used in New Wave of Hospital IoT Device Attacks]
#[ Ransomware targets corporate Office 365 users in 0-day campaign] - If you guessed Macros as the attack vector, you guessed right. And yes, Macros are still a thing that people use...
#[ A hacker wants to sell 10 million patient records on the black market] - MS08-067 is profitable...
#[ One Picture Can Unlock All Your Apps] - This sounded really bad, until this: ''Instead of relying on a computer to figure out if the photo is accurate, LogMeOnce sends the photo to you on another device and asks if it's OK. You say yes, and you're in.''
#[ US Hospitals Hacked With Ancient Exploits] - Ah yes, some MS08-067 in our healthcare system, what could possibly go wrong?
#[ CCTV DVR systems Hacked, Used in DDoS Attack
#[ "The Top 5 Security Threats] - TL;DL: XSS, SQLi, social engineering, "APTs", Insider Threat. More fluff from a news site that wants me to disable my ad blocker to read the rest of the article.
#[ Facebook 'Hack' Victim Exposes Passport Scam] - Apparently you can fake a photo of a Passport, and
use that to gain access to someone's Facebook account. No matter how much OPSEC you got, you are vulnerable to this. This is clearly Facebook's problem, however, I will give shout outs to Facebook's internal security and incident response team for helping us this week.
#[ "Symantec Flaws As Bad As It Gets] - ''Because no interaction is necessary to exploit it, this is a wormable vulnerability with potentially devastating consequences to Norton and Symantec customers. An attacker could easily compromise an entire enterprise fleet using a vulnerability like this.'' Whoa. Turns out the unpacking of executables is really error prone and vulnerable.
#[ Hackers Note That Most Breaches Just Need Normal Admin Tools] - Oh, captain obvious reports that after attackers break into networks they use Nmap, Angry IP scanner, TeamViewer and VNC. Not sure why this is news... Begs the question though, do you blend if you use the same tools as the local admins?
#[ Judge says the FBI can hack your computer without a warrant] - Okay, getting the IP address of a computer is NOT hacking, and does not require a warrant according to the judge. This is the same as your phone number, in fact often time law enforcement does not need a warrant to obtain your phone number.
#[ "GitHub - RedBalloonShenanigans/MonitorDarkly: Poc] - Hacking monitors, still trying to figure out how this works and what is gained by doing so.
== Larry's Stories ==


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