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= Tech Segment: Bluetooth Scanning With Using The PwnPad 4 & Blue Hydra =
While many are focused on securing the network, it could be the devices within your location, not even on the network, that cause security issues. In this segment we talk about a new, open-source, Bluetooth hacking tool from Pwnie Express called "Blue Hydra". It has the unique capability to scan for Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy all at the same time. I have begun analyzing the Bluetooth used on my new Segway MiniPro, and am really happy with the results.Also noteworthy is the ability to also connect an Ubertooth One and get results in the same window! Rick Farina, Director of Research and Development for Pwnie Express, and author of Blue Hydra joins us to talk about this new tool!
I fired up the PwnPad 4 and the new fangled Dongle which supports Bluetooth and Low Energy. I started up Blue Hydra, told it to save the data locally. Here's some of the interesting stuff:
7D:A2:A2:BA:00:00 N/A - Rando Broadcom Corporation (15) f t Random 2016-07-21T16:08:54-04:00
In the blue_hydra.db file you can see the raw entries:
$ strings blue_hydra.db | grep Samsung
abfcdc27-8819-4807-9f4a-f6ce4c09416aTVBluetoothonlineC4:73:1E:66:67:E81E:66:67:E8Samsung Electronics Co.,LtdBroadcom Corporation (15)Bluetooth 4.0 (0x06) - Subversion 8718 (0x220e)Broadcom Corporation (15)001.002.014t["L2CAP Signaling (BR/EDR)","Capturing (Scanner, Microphone)"]Audio/Video (headset, speaker, stereo, video, vcr)Video Display and Loudspeaker["Capturing (Scanner, Microphone)"][{"t":1469129697,"rssi":"-54 dBm"},{"t":1469129758,"rssi":"-72 dBm"},{"t":1469129822,"rssi":"-73 dBm"},{"t":1469129887,"rssi":"-68 dBm"},{"t":1469129951,"rssi":"-65 dBm"},{"t":1469130016,"rssi":"-76 dBm"},{"t":1469130080,"rssi":"-66 dBm"},{"t":1469130531,"rssi":"-71 dBm"},{"t":1469130596,"rssi":"-65 dBm"},{"t":1469130664,"rssi":"-66 dBm"},{"t":1469130733,"rssi":"-70 dBm"},{"t":1469131023,"rssi":"-74 dBm"},{"t":1469131094,"rssi":"-70 dBm"},{"t":1469131159,"rssi":"-72 dBm"},{"t":1469131227,"rssi":"-63 dBm"},{"t":1469131291,"rssi":"-72 dBm"},{"t":1469131356,"rssi":"-67 dBm"},{"t":1469131424,"rssi":"-63 dBm"},{"t":1469131502,"rssi":"-64 dBm"},{"t":1469131567,"rssi":"-61 dBm"},{"t":1469131641,"rssi":"-63 dBm"},{"t":1469131707,"rssi":"-65 dBm"},{"t":1469131772,"rssi":"-66 dBm"}]0 dBm["3 slot packets","3-slot Enhanced Data Rate ACL packets","3-slot Enhanced Data Rate eSCO packets","5 slot packets","5-slot Enhanced Data Rate ACL packets","A-law log synchronous data","AFH capable master","AFH capable slave","AFH classification master","AFH classification slave","Broadcast Encryption","CVSD synchronous data","Channel quality driven data rate (CQDDR)","EV4 packets","EV5 packets","Encapsulated PDU","Encryption","Enhanced Data Rate ACL 2 Mbps mode","Enhanced Data Rate ACL 3 Mbps mode","Enhanced Data Rate eSCO 2 Mbps mode","Enhanced Data Rate eSCO 3 Mbps mode","Enhanced Power Control","Enhanced inquiry scan","Erroneous Data Reporting","Extended Inquiry Response","Extended SCO link (EV3 packets)","Extended features","Flow control lag (most significant bit)","HV2 packets","HV3 packets","Inquiry TX Power Level","Interlaced inquiry scan","Interlaced page scan","LE Supported (Controller)","Link Supervision Timeout Changed Event","Non-flushable Packet Boundary Flag","Paging parameter negotiation","Pause encryption","Power control","Power control requests","RSSI with inquiry results","Role switch","SCO link","Secure Simple Pairing","Secure Simple Pairing (Host Support)","Simultaneous LE and BR/EDR (Controller)","Slot offset","Sniff mode","Sniff subrating","Timing accuracy","Transparent synchronous data","u-law log synchronous data","Enhanced Retransmission Mode","FCS Option","Fixed Channels","Streaming Mode"]{"0":"0xbf 0xfe 0xcf 0xfe 0xdb 0xff 0x7b 0x87","1":"0x01 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00"}f2016-07-21T15:34:58-04:002016-07-21T16:09:33-04:00W
== References ==
* Blue Hydra: Pwn Pad 4 on YouTube:
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