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== Listener Feedback: A Host's Perspective ==
Several listeners ask us to answer some of the questions that we ask the guests. Often times we are asking our guests interesting question, and listeners really want the hosts feedback as well! So, I've prepared some questions for the hosts:
# How did you get your start in information security?
# What is the most challenging part of your security career today? In the past?
# What devices and software make common appearances in your lab?
# If you built a brand new Raspberry PI, what would you do with it?
# What is the number one thing you would do, or exploit, to compromise the security of an organization?
# What is your most favorite piece of technology in your home? What are the security ramifications of using it?
# What qualities would you look for if you had to hire 1 security person for an organization?
# What is the most influential software developed for the security industry?
# What would you say to today’s youth about hacking and security?
== Paul's Stories ==


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