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==Hack Naked TVEpisode Media ===== Video ===
-Recorded September 27, 2016-<center>{{#ev:youtube|x62qeaEL0PQ}}</center>
ItProTV Announcement:=== Audio ===
"Quick announcement, ITProTV has updated their course library to include CompTIA Security+, CISSP, CEH v9, and Red Hat Linux[http://traffic." MP3]
=Topics=Intro == Welcome to another episode of Hack Naked TV recorded September 27th 2016. Aaron covers the Yahoo breach disclosure, a Metasploit vulnerability, and more== Aaron's Stories == #[ Yahoo announces 2014 breach of 500 million users]#[ Hack Metasploit with Metasploit]#[ Fist Cyberterrorist sentenced to 20yrs]#[ DerbyCon Videos]


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