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= Paul's Security Weekly - Episode 478 =
Recorded: August 25, 2016
This week we interview Heather Mahalik from The SANS Institute on mobile phone forensics, our listener feedback segment will be The Host's Perspective, common questions we've asked our guests will be answered by some of the hosts! In security news this week
== Episode Audio ==
[http<div align="center">{{#widget:SoundCloud|id=280057328|width=75%|height=100|color=660202|visual=false}}<// MP3]div>Recorded: August 25, 2016
= Announcements =
#[ iOS 0-days, persistent malware and updates]
== Jeff's Stories ==
== Michael's (Santa) Stories ==
== Carlos's Stories ==
= Interview: Heather Mahalik, The SANS Institute - 7:00PM-8:00PM =
Heather Mahalik is leading the forensic effort as a Principal Forensic Scientist for ManTech CARD. Heather's extensive experience in digital forensics began in 2002. She is currently a senior instructor for the SANS Institute and is the course lead for FOR585: Advanced Smartphone Forensics.


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