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374 bytes added ,  18:12, 3 November 2016 - ''One such mitigation strategy is to use an Anycast DNS provider. This would enable an organization to maintain control of its own DNS servers while using the same management methods and processes. The only difference is that Anycast DNS providers would block all inbound traffic to the organization’s DNS servers and only allow incoming connections from the provider’s systems. The provider will perform a periodic zone transfer for the organization’s domain records and then publish the records from the provider’s DNS servers, which are “Anycasted” and hosted in multiple locations around the world.'' ''The device, dubbed Voyager, features four ports, each capable of sending 200 gigabits of data per second over fiber. Voyager’s open-source, “white box” design would allow customers to load their own networking software on the device, setting it apart from competing products from companies like Cisco, which come pre-bundled with proprietary management software.'


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