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= Intro =
On this edition of Enterprise Security Weekly, Rapid 7 makes a strategic integration, should you use artificial intelligence in your enterprise to replace your workforce?, what is your DDoS mitigation strategy?, a big social media company sets out to create an open-source project that will stick it to Cisco, and Amazon sucking it in the cloud, but not like that. All that and more so stay tuned!
==Episode Audio== <div align="center">{{#widget:SoundCloud|id=291501743|width=75%|height=100|color=660202|visual=false}}</div> ==Enterprise Security Announcements==
ITPro.TV Annoucenment: "Quick announcement, ITProTV has updated their course library to include:
Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
Networking with Server 2016
*Mention the Online Survey*
= Enterprise Security Weekly News =
<center>{{#ev:youtube|O6Hqs9DNuxM}}</center> - ''Through Nexpose integrations with both McAfee ePO and McAfee DXL, mutual customers will have extended visibility into each asset on their network, increasing the ability to manage risk with automated response to threats including malicious file infections. Nexpose provides live vulnerability monitoring, allowing customers to automatically collect data and analyze network exposure as it changes. Using this data, Nexpose prioritizes risk based on customer environments and attacker behavior, and then streamlines remediation by aligning IT and security workflows.''
= Using Bro In The Enterprise =
Description: Bro is a fantastic open-source tool, capable of analyzing packets at high speeds and big bandwidth. Learn how you can implement this open-source tool in your enterprise today, for the win!


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