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Is Blackdragon doing == Tech Segment: CES, MacWorld, and Security == There are lots of new technology gadgets and the notes like being released this week. Being geeks, we love to read about them! Of course, we want to put our security angle on it. So, here are some things that I have been hearing about and my thoughts (others, feel free to add): - [ Apple Airport Extreme] - Probably the most glossed over part of the keynote was the enhancements to the Airport. It will now support 802.11 a/b/g/draft-n! A drive update will be released for Core 2 Duo machines, who silently shipped with draft-n chipsets. Be certain to heed the warning from JW on [ 802.11n security]. Boils down to using encryption (does 802.11n support WPA2? if ), running it on 5GHz spectrum, and notrunning it in mixed mode (i.e. dedicate a radio to 802.11n, much harder in large deployments). Oh, and bonus USB port to attach printers and share drives. Sweet! - [ Nokia n800] - Replacing the Nokia 770 is this awesome new model. Twitchy and I both bought one last Sunday when they became available in the stores. It sports a Jabber client that can do live video teleconferencing, very geeky! Iam still configuring it, and just updated the OS. Some of my challenges include making it work with EAP-TTLS/PAP, connecting to my IMAP SSL server, and preventing it from connecting to networks by default. This is a cool device, and it runs Linux. The new model has more memory as well, so can't wait to get it all configured and use it on a regular basis. Also, Nokia 770's will drop in price, these make great little hacking platforms (metasploit, kismet, nmap, etc...) - [ Apple iPhone] - So little is known, however we're pretty sure its an ARM processor. But, no keyboard or stylus? We'll get see...We use Verizon, so there won't be one in my future anytime soon. It uses a Marvell wireless chipset, and it startedlooks like there is no support under Linux other than NDIS. Kind of a wait and see on this one. I mean, for $499 you only get like 4GB, so its not replacing my iPod anytime soon. Bets on when the first exploit will be released?
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