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- [ Apple iPhone] - [PaulDotCom] - So little is known, however we're pretty sure its an ARM processor. But, no keyboard or stylus? We'll see...We use Verizon, so there won't be one in my future anytime soon. It uses a Marvell wireless chipset, and it looks like there is no support under Linux other than NDIS. Kind of a wait and see on this one. I mean, for $499 you only get like 4GB, so its not replacing my iPod anytime soon. Bets on when the first exploit will be released?
*Joe - No 3rd party apps, [ trademark infringement] problems with Cisco (another display of Apple's hubris), and a cool but not-so original [ design] (LG KE850). I'm happy to see the convergence of today's necessary digital devices (phone, mp3 player, PIM, etc), but I'm frustrated that the iPhone (Apple's, not Cisco's) will probably command the industry because of slick marketing. Competitors like [ FIC's Neo1973] or Trolltech's [ Greenphone] seem like much more enticing products to me not only because of what they offer, but what they CAN offer; to the user and the industry
== Stories for Discussion ==
[ Great Posting on String functions] - [PaulDotCom] - I need to buy this book, the art of software security assessment. This article details buffer overflow heaven, and shows examples of many differe string manipulation functions and how they can be exploited. Very HOT!


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