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== Larry's Stories ==
#[ Sonic attacks against GPS/gimbal, etc]
#[ Pre-pwned android phones for same on Amazon] - There is a time to buy name brand stuff folks...
#[ Billboard has] - We drink because you don't change your default passwords.
# IoT security analysis tool]- Um, I am confused....
#[ Malwarebyteblog arrested at DEF CON] - yeah the guy that "stopped" wanna cry by registering the killswitch domain...
#[ Updates to killlerbee and Wireshark for more functionality to include WirelessHART]
#[ Hacking a smart gun with high tech and low tech attacks] - This one is damned neat one WiFi based attack, the other magnets. The vendor response is also priceless.
== Joff's Stories ==
== Jeff's Stories ==

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