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= Startup Security Weekly #53 =
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''Recorded September 1, 2017 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!''
=== Hosts ===
= Interview: Matt Alderman, Automox Startup Categories <!-- <center>{{#ev:youtube|vmzno518tbY}}</center> -->
= Startup Articles & Discussion =
<!-- <center>{{#ev:youtube|JJjTRVJLUUgV2I9tm8faSc}}</center> -->
*[ "Get Started" Stops Users] ==> Good advice for anyone working to get people to take action
*[ Welcome to the Era of Decentralization] ==> I’ve written about this before as a sorta “professional DIY”
* From Pitchbook - “Consumer privacy startup Anonyome Labs has raised the funds from existing investors, including Symantec CEO Greg Clark and Crosspoint Ventures founder John Mumford. Founded in 2014, the company's software allows users to create multiple digital identities to defend themselves against companies and cybercriminals trying to exploit their private information.”
=== Juniper acquired Cyphers Cyphort - undisclosed amount ===
* “Cyphort develops a SaaS based platform that provides network security solutions for enterprises.”
* $53.7M in funding over 4 rounds since 2011 including $30M series C in May 2015

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