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[ Month of PHP Bugs] - [Larry] - Psssst! PHP is much so there are more bonus bugs than real bugs!
  [ Vladuz <3's eBay] - [Joe] - "Vladuz's break-ins may be limited, but his work has been accompanied by what critics say is a sudden spike in the number of fraudulent auctions on the site. As evidence, they point to the sharply increased volatility in the number of auctions being offered, and then removed, from hour to hour since the end of January."
[ CA Virus Downgrade Vulnerability] - [PaulDotCom] - Malware will typically try to kill anit-virus programs running on the infected system as its first step. This may not always go unnoticed. However, if you are able to downgrade the virus defs to install some more juicy malware, that may very well go unnoticed.
[ Manipulating FTP Clients Using The PASV Command] - [PaulDotCom] - Cool paper which is able to do portscanning and banner grabbing using the FTP PASV command. Includes PoC.
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