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=Episode Media=
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= Metasploit 3.0 =
root@shinobi:/usr/local-beta/framework3/tools# ./pattern_create.rb 128
dos/wireless/fuzz_beacon Wireless Beacon Frame Fuzzer
dos/wireless/fuzz_proberesp Wireless Probe Response Frame Fuzzer
[ Metasploit Framework Home]
[ MSF Documentation] - Includes user guide, developers guide, API guides.
[ Meterpreter Doc]
[ Autopwn Doc]
[ A Fun Tutorial of Ruby] - From ducksauze
[ Interview with HD on 3.0]
[ Metasploit Release Notes Blog Posting]
= Stories For Discussion =
[ VoIP Security Tools] - [PaulDotComPaul] - A good collection of resources for VoIP security, which is really another dimension that we, as security professionals, now need to deal with. It can't be ignored anymore... [Larry] - We mentioned this a little while back, but it is finally out now. Funny, Cisco jsut released some patches for VOIP Vulns...
[ 6-yr old PWNS UK House of Commons] - [Larry] - Using a keylogger, and an unattended PC.
[ Ike-scan 1.8 Information Seepage] - [PaulDotComPaul] - Remember when we talked about this tool? Well, Raul informed us that there was a phone home feature, we told cutaway about it, and he volunteered to document and research it and did a fantastic job! He even got the scoop from the vendor, who has since removed the feature. I think its important to send the message that we are watching for this stuff and you will be outed if you tool phones home.
[ SELinux response to Trusted Solaris] - [Larry] - We mentioned the original article a few shows back, and RedHat responded. Basically, redhat agreed that they are down different paths, and that Redhat is not "Trusted" and probably never will be.
[ HACKING LOLZ] - [PaulDotComPaul] - From the dark reading room article...
[,294698,sid14_gci1249122,00.html?track=sy160 SANS Secure Coding] - [Larry] SANS announced their new Secure Coding initiaitive and courses. I think it is a step in the right direction, but not everyone will be going....
[ Hacking Car Nav Systems] - [PaulDotComPaul] - ''"hacker Daniele Bianco built tools that let an attacker inject fake messages to the navigation system, or launch a denial-of-service attack."'' HOT, come to butthead... ''" cause a denial-of-service (DOS) attack, which could crash not only a car's navigation system, but its climate control system, and stereo, too, he says."'' Okay, or, I send you to the middle on nowhere in the winter, turn off your heat, and blast "Feeling' Hot, Hot, Hot!". [Larry] - this is what happens when systems can take information form unauthorized/unauthenticated sources.
[ CanSecWest 07 PWN to OWN] - [Larry] - Got the stones? If you can exploit the MBP, you get to keep it. Sure there are some specific rules, but what a great idea.
[ Metasploit 3.0 Released] - [PaulDotComPaul] - I've been playing with 3.0 for quite some time and am glad to see it officially released. I now agree with the decision to move towards ruby, and with LORCON supporting ruby, it is now next on my list to pickup as a language. [Larry] - Not to mention, ruby and LORCON support will alegedly make it better for windows too.
[ Hacking RFID with SQL] - [Larry] So, instead of hacking the RFID tech, go for the SQL backend...
[ More printer hacking fun] - [PaulDotComPaul] - I tested this one and it works, crashed the ftp server on a printer. The exploit? try this: '''python /usr/lib/python2.3/ -d [printer IP] -l -p `python -c 'print "A"*300'`''' [Larry] - Looks like the LIST and NLIST commands will have the same effect: see [ this too].
[;1955656260;fp;2;fpid;1 Secure IM - CarderIM] - [Larry] - the "carders" didn't want to get caught, so they created thier own secure IM. Hmm...signatures? Homegrown Crypto?
[ Linksys WAG200G Information Disclosure] - [PaulDotComPaul] - Send a packet to udp/916, and get all the passwords and keys. NICE! [ Vista IPv6 Vulns] - [Paul] - This is interesting because I believe that Vista and IPv6 are LARGELY untested and this is just the begining.
[http[Category:// Vista IPv6 VulnsShow Notes] - [PaulDotCom] - This is interesting because I believe that Vista and IPv6 are LARGELY untested and this is just the begining.

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