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#[ FUD or REAL: N. Korean malware can jump air gaps]
Don't forget your CPE's!
Chip writes in:
"You might remind your listeners, at least those with one or more security related certifications, to keep track of their listening and submit the hours they spend watching/listening as CPE hours to their various agencies. I racked up 35 hours in the last few months of last year.
I listen on my iphone, enter the listen date, show date, and duration into a spreadsheet and total it up every once in a while and submit it.
I’ve heard from several peers that they forgot to do CPE work for their CISSP and had to do a mad scramble in the month(s) before their 3 year cert expired. While keeping track of listening isn’t what I would call fun it is certainly better than going through hell at the end of the cycle.
I have CISSP, PCI-C, and CIPT certifications - I’ve submitted my PSW listening to all of them.

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