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[[File:BruceSussman.jpg|right|220px|thumb|<center>'''[ Bruce Sussman]'''<br>is a Cybersecurity Journalist and helps run [ SecureWorld Boston].</center>]] Bruce Sussman spent more than 20 years on TV screens in Portland, Oregon. A journalist, certified meteorologist, and public speaker, Sussman has been telling stories about InfoSec and cybersecurity for several years now. He is SecureWorld’s MMJ (multi-media journalist) and leads media development at the company. “This is cybersecurity’s prime time,” he says. “The world depends on leaders in InfoSec. I cannot believe I get to interview so many of them at our regional cybersecurity conferences, as they share best practices with their peers.” Sussman graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism back in the dark ages. If you have a news tip for him, his email is
# How did you get into the security field?
# What was it like making the transition from meteorologist to security journalist?
# What are some of the most interesting people you've met in infosec and why?
# You say this is cybersecurity's prime time, how come?
# Tell us about your role today at Secure World?
# How does Secure World differ from other security conferences?
# Who is the speaker you are most excited about?
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