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* '''Step 6''' - Reboot the WRT54GL, make sure all is well. Now, connect the POE adapaters and place the APs where you want them.
* '''Step 7''' - Configure Wireless - Place the access points on their respecitve channels using the command "'''nvram set wl0_channel=1'''". Ideally, you could have 3 APs, one on channel 1, 6, and 11. Now, set all of the SSIDs to the same value using the command "'''nvram set wl0_ssid="guestwireless'''" and "'''nvram commit'''" inorder in order to save teh the nvram changes. [Larry] Added nvram commit.
You should now be able to associate to the given SSID. Which access point you associate with will depend heavily on the wireless driver that you are using, and other factors that require too much math.


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