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[ Buffer Overflow Strikes tcpdump] - [PaulDotCom] - A message to all users of Backtrack and other CD ISOs, you need to update. If there is no patch available, don't use this software. This appears to be a very easy vulnerability to exploit, "Based on an unfiltered integer overflow in the print-bgp.c file, specially crafted border gateway protocol (BGP) packets may cause a buffer overflow in a snprintf() function". How long has that vulnerability been present? Looks like its [ not the first time the BGP handling code has been exploited]. Yikes...
[ Bulletproof Hosting?] - [PaulDotCom] - Can't Google do something about this? There has to be a way for Google to come up with a SPAM rating, I mean come on, they produce some awesome stuff like Google Maps, but then let silly things like this get through. I'm not saying filter it, but a rating system of some kind or warning would be nice. Then again, false positives would really piss ppl off.


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