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[ Data sharing? Sometimes too much!] - [Larry] - Sure, sometimes data sharing between partners can be a great thing for business. However, what happens when your partner doesn't take securing the data as serious as you do? This is why agreements are great. Make sure that agreement gives you the ability to audit their practices, has accountability, and sever-ability on breach...
[ Jihad!] - [Larry] - We always hear about using hacker tools for good. Keep in mind that it is a two way street, as apparently some Jihadists have some tutorials on using TOR (a tool for good) in order to hide their activities.
[ Spoofing TCP/IP Fingerprints with Windows] - [Larry] Security Cloak is a tool for changing TCP/IP timestamp and window options for TCP/IP in the windows registry. I can think of a number of times where this may be useful.


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