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''Recorded April 10, 2019 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!''
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==AnnoucementsAnnouncements:==* Register for our upcoming webcasts webcast with LogRhythm and Recorded Future ServiceNow by going to . If you have missed any of our previously recorded webcasts, you can find them our on-demand library at<br><br>*We just released our 2019 Security Weekly 25 Index Survey. Please go to [] and click the Survey link to help us understand who's evaluating, using, or formerly used any of the Security Weekly 25 companies. The results will be summarized and presented back to all responders in a private webcast.<br><br> = Interview: Rebecca Larson and Mike Weber, Coalfire =[[File:MikeWeber.jpg|thumb|[ Mike Weber] is the Vice President of [ Coalfire]]]Mike Weber is responsible for the oversight of Coalfire Labs operations, including penetration testing, application security assessments, forensics, and research and development. He leads a team of over 70 security professionals focused on offensive security services and compliance testing.<br>Mike has 20 years of experience in senior security positions in various technical fields, including enterprise security planning, network engineering, vulnerability and risk assessment, penetration testing, system administration, and programming. <br>Prior to joining Coalfire, Mike was the FSO and Director of Information Security Services at Critigen and CH2M HILL and served on a contract basis as the Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for the state of Colorado. Previously, he held positions including Computer Security Manager at the Department of Energy’s Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site and as a programmer and QA specialist at Via Systems.<br><br><br><br><br><br>[[File:RebeccaLarson.jpg|thumb|left|[ Rebecca Larson] is the Director, Vulnerability Assessment Operations of[ Coalfire]]]<br>Beck is a twice-awarded Director of the CoalfireOne Scanning Services team within the Labs practice at Coalfire – she earned Team Member of the Quarter for successfully navigating the company’s annual ASV Lab in 2015 and was recognized as a Rising Star within the Labs organization at Hexacon 2018. She is responsible for all things ASV-related at Coalfire, including ensuring that Coalfire maintains its company-level ASV licensure by passing the PCI SSC’s validation Lab annually, maintaining Coalfire’s ASV staff, and ensuring satisfaction across Coalfire’s vulnerability scanning client base. She has been heavily invested in helping redesign and support the new CoalfireOne Scanning Platform, launching in Q2 of 2019.
= Interview: Beck Larson and Mike, Coalfire =
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Coalfire ASV Scanning:
- *ASV program (love, praise, struggle)<br>- *ASV regulations<br>- *Development and growth of scanning, 1-5 person team, partnership, marketing position<br>- *How Jeff and Beck know each other<br>- published *Published opinion piece, getting knowledge, supporting the industry<br>- *Scan platform<br>- *RISE - movement inthe company, coalfire programs, development at Coalfire<br>- *Limitations of scanning, pen testing?<br>- *Coalfire labs <br>- *PA QSA - assessment *Assessment of Payment Software, validating solutions, secure software development framework<br>
= Enterprise News =
= SecureWorld Boston 2019: Vendor Briefing =


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