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= Interview: Ian McShane, [ Endgame] =
[[File:IanMcShane.jpg|right|220px|thumb|<center>'''[ Ian McShane]'''<br> is the VP, Product Marketing at [ Endgame].</center>]] Ian McShane is the Vice President of Product Marketing. He has nearly two decades of experience in operational IT and security and risk planning for enterprises, service providers and software vendors. He is a recognized leader for his ability to help organizations scale their security programs and bring products to market. Previously, Ian was Gartner’s lead analyst for endpoint protection and EDR, and lead author on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms. During his tenure, Ian specialized in research focused on assessing the impact of emerging technologies for security operations, breach detection and incident response.<br>
Topic: Security ROI - How to align goals, skills, and budgets to reduce risk<br><center>{{#ev:youtube|_5FH34-zRQ8}}</center>
= Leadership Articles =
* [ Even CEOs Should Clean Their Own Bathrooms Sometimes]
* [ CIOs' Top Trends Include Innovation At Scale, Driving Revenue, Customer Centricity]

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