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== Episode Audio ==
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== Hosts ==
== Announcements ==
* John Strand will be teaching Active Defense and Cyber Deception at Black Hat 2019.  Please register here! Register for our upcoming webcasts with LogRhythm, DomainTools, SaltStack & ISC2 by going to [https://wwwsecurityweekly.blackhatcom/webcasts/] If you have missed any of our previously recorded webcasts, you can find our on-19demand library at [https:/training/ securityweekly.html#com/ondemand]*Security Weekly is returning to Vegas this August for BlackHat and DefCon! If you would like to request abriefing or sponsor an interview on-guide-site at BlackHat, please go to-active-defense-cyber-deception-[] and-hacking-back-14124 Register Nowsubmit your request!].<br><br>*We just released Some of you told us that you are overwhelmed by the amount of content we distribute! In an attempt to make it a little easier for you to find what you’re interested in, we’ve created our 2019 Security Weekly 25 Index Survey. Please go to new listener interest list! Sign up for list and select your interests by visiting: [ /subscribe\] and click clicking the Survey link button to help us understand who's evaluating, using, or formerly used any of join the list! You can also now submit your suggestions for guests in our recently released guest suggestion form! Go to [] and enter your suggestions!*Security Weekly 25 companies. The results will be summarized and presented back to all responders at Hacker Halted in Atlanta, GA this October 10th-11th! EC-Council is offering our listeners a private webcast15% discount to sit for any of their Bootcamp Courses or Workshops! Visit [] to register now! = Topic: The State of Privacy One Year After GDPR =<br>A few articles to stimulate our discussion:
= Interview: Brian Lamoureux, Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC =[[File:BrianLamoureux.jpg|thumb|<center>[ Brian lamoureux] is a Partner at * [https://www.pldolawitsecurityguru.comorg/ Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC] & a Practitioner Faculty member at [https:2019/05/business.providence.edu20/ Providence College School the-five-myths-of Business]<-gdpr/center>]The Five Myths Of GDPR] Brian Lamoureux is a Partner at Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara in Johnston where he practices commercial litigation, employment law, construction law, as well as handles legal issues relating to social and digital media and cybersecurity. He is also a Practitioner Faculty member at Providence College where he teaches Business Law and an MBA course he created called “Digital and Social Media in the Business Environment.”
* [ Are there any positives from the first year of GDPR?]
* [ Is GDPR worth the cost?]
* [ The true impact of GDPR is emerging now]
* [ GDPR Anniversary Highlights Need For Businesses To Change Attitudes Towards Data Protection]
* [ The not-yet United States of data privacy, 1 year after GDPR]
* [ Where data privacy is law]
= Leadership Articles =
<!* [ Seven Subconscious Habits That Sabotage Your Ability to Listen – And Lead]* [ Are You Still Stewing About That Mistake You Made?]* [ The Power of Writing Stuff Down]* [ Is Your Corporate Culture Cultish?]* [ How Leaders Around the World Build Trust Across Cultures]* [ What Really Helps Employees to Improve (It’s not Criticism)]<center>{{#ev:youtube|Rr3VkFPCT440X8m6hIvdyo}}</center>--> 

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