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* What has it been like moving from IT security to OT security?
* Do you find it difficult to earn the trust of OT folks in ICS? If you haven't walked a mile in their shoes, they tend to find people who have and trust them much more.
* DFIR in ICS - What is it like doing forensics in this environment? Firmware? Micro-code?
* What are some common misconceptions that we can dispell about ICS security:
** The state of ICS security - is it totally horrible and like hacking in the 90s all over again?
** Why are there so many security issues in ICS? We are defending critical infrastructure, yet most financial organizations are light years ahead on the security front? True?
** How are the ICS industries dealing with the problems? Which industries are making the most progress? Which ones are making little progress?
** Why are so many legacy systems in use in ICS?
** Legislation will solve all of our problems, right?
** What ICS threats really keep you awake at night?
* Tell us about your crazy smart apartment antics
= Interview: Chris Sanders, Applied Network Defense & Rural Technology Fund - 6:30 - 7:30PM =


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