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[[File:ChrisSanders.jpg|right|250px|thumb|<center>'''[ Chris Sanders]'''<br>is the Founder of [ Applied Network Defense & Rural Technology Fund].</center>]] Chris Sanders is the founder of Applied Network Defense, a company focused on delivering high quality, accessible information security training. He is also the Director of the Rural Technology Fund, a non-profit that donates scholarships and equipment to public schools to further technical education in rural and high poverty areas. He is the author of Applied Network Security Monitoring and Practical Packet Analysis. You can connect with Chris on his blog at or on Twitter @chrissanders88.<br><br>Chris blogs at You can learn more about Applied Network Defense at and the RTF at
# How did you get your start in information security?
# What prompted you to be a leader and a teacher in our field?
# Why did you set out to author "Applied Network Security Monitoring and Practical Packet Analysis"?
# With security shifting to applications, users and data, how important is network security when users are mobile? Apps are in the cloud? Data is accessed from all over?
# What network security concepts do you believe will carry forward into the future for years to come?
# I just have to know the story behind the free course on the Cuckoos Egg.
# What does Applied Network Security do? How many people? When did it start?
# What other courses do you offer? Do you teach them all?
# What is the most popular course and why?
# Tell us about the Rural Technology fund, what is its mission and how did it start?
# Is data destruction on old hardware an issue preventing companies from donating hardware?
# Is this a global or regional effort?
# How can the community get involved?
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