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ES Episode141

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[[File:AdamGordon.jpg|thumb|[ Adam Gordon] is the Edutainer & SME at ITProTV at [ ITProTV] ]] Topic: What are container services in the Microsoft Azure cloud?<br><br>Description:<br>Do you wonder how your team can save costs by lifting and shifting your existing applications to containers, and build microservices applications to deliver value to your users faster? Use end-to-end developer and CI/CD tools to develop, update, and deploy your containerized applications? Manage containers at scale with a fully managed Kubernetes container orchestration service that integrates with Azure Active Directory? Wherever you are in your app modernization journey, the hardest part is knowing where to begin.<br><br>Adam has 30+ years as an IT instructor in the private and public sectors. He holds more than 160 IT certifications. He has trained thousands of IT pros over the course of his career.
= Topic: Seed Rounds, Equity Rounds, Debt Rounds =

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