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''Recorded June 26, 2019 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!''
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= Enterprise News =
= Interview: Saikrishna (Sai) Chavali, [ ObserveIT] =
[[File:Saikrishna.jpg|thumb|<center>[ Sai Chavali] is the Security Strategist at [ ObserveIT]</center>]] Saikrishna (Sai) Chavali is a Security Strategist at ObserveIT where he is defining a new product category in the information security industry: insider threat management. Sai has expertise in growing and building information security products to protect data, applications and users across insider threat management and application security. Prior to his role at ObserveIT, Sai held product management positions at Veracode, where his products helped to reduce software vulnerabilities in web applications used by Fortune 100 enterprise companies and consumers all over the world.<br><br>'''Topic:''' Email Data Exfiltration: Prevention is Ideal, but Detection &amp; Response is a Must<br><br>'''Segment Description:'''<br><br>Most companies have preventative controls on email today, however, they are still finding that users exfiltrating sensitive data through corporate email is all too common. Currently, detection and investigation of out-of-policy user activity and security incidents are time-consuming and riddled with manual processes. Learn more on how ObserveIT helps security teams with real-time detection and take investigation time from months to minutes.<br><center>{{#ev:youtube|d_lOSG3q544}}</center>
= TopicInterview: Britta Glade & Linda Gray-Martin - [ RSAC APJ] =<!-- [[File:DavidHardingBrittaGlad.jpg|left|220px|thumb|<center>'''[ Britta Glade]'''<br> is the Director, Content and Curation for [ RSA Conference].</center>]] Britta Glade is Director, Content and Curation for RSA Conference. She has been in the learning and security sector for 23 years. Most recently she headed analyst relations for RSA and in2014 was recognized by industry analysts as one of the top 10 analyst relations professionals by the Institute of Analyst Relations Professionals, a global recognition that values responsiveness, relationships and results.<br><br><br><br>[[File:LindaGray.jpg|right|220px|thumb|<center>'''[https://daveh003 David Linda Gray] '''<br> is the SVP Director & Chief Technology Officer at of Operations for [ ImageWare Incevents/ap19 RSAC APJ].</center>]]] -With more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Linda Gray-Martin is currently the Director & Chief of Operations for RSA Conferences globally, which take place annually in the US, the Asia Pacific & Japan region and Europe, Middle East & Africa region. As Director Chief of Operations for RSA Conferences, Gray Martin ensures that all attendees across the global RSA Conferences receive the same phenomenal experience. Gray Martin’s responsibilities range from conference strategy and architecture, to oversight of marketing, PR and technology strategy, vendor management, and keynote program management.<br><br>To learn more about RSAC APJ, visit:<br><center>{{#ev:youtube|RjIJ9IELe7I}}</center>

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