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== Episode Audio ==
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== Hosts ==
= Interview: Third Party Vendor Management - Tom Garrubba, Santa Fe Group/Shared Assessments =[[File:TomGarrubba.jpg|thumb|<center>[ Tom Garrubba] is the Sr. Director & CISO at [ Santa Fe Group/Shared Assessments]</center>]] Tom Garrubba, Senior Director/CISO at Shared Assessments, is an internationally recognized thought leader, lecturer, and blogger on third party risk, and is the head instructor for their Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) program. An active writer and blogger on business IT risk, he has provided insight and commentary for various industry websites including the Huffington Post, Future of Outsourcing Magazine, Corporate Compliance Insights, Brilliance Security Magazine,, Government Health IT, and ISACA, and authored the chapter on Third Party Risk for the book “Cyber Risk”. Previously, Tom was Senior Privacy Manager at a Fortune 10 US-based Healthcare company where he implemented and managed a world-class third party risk program. He has over 20 years of experience in IT security, privacy, audit, and compliance in industry and public consulting.<br><center>{{#ev:youtube|cyjOijdpDJ8}}</center><br>Topic: Third Party Vendor Management<br>
= Leadership Articles =
*[ New breed of security vendor spells trouble for pure play firms]
*[ 'Fear, uncertainty and doubt' in the security labor market]

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