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= Interview: Ajit Sancheti, [ Preempt] =
[[File:AjitSancheti.jpg|thumb|<center>[ Ajit Sancheti] is the CEO at [ Preempt]</center>]] Ajit Sancheti is CEO and Co-Founder of Preempt and has over 20 years experience in IT security and executive leadership. Previously, he co-founded Mu Dynamics (acquired by Spirent Communications) and held various management roles. Before Mu Dynamics, Ajit was part of the Corporate Development Group at Juniper Networks and an integral member of the team that developed the industry’s first Intrusion Detection and Prevention system at OneSecure (acquired by NetScreen). Prior to OneSecure, he spent 7 years at Western Digital, holding various engineering and management positions. Ajit received his M.S. in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and his MBA from INSEAD, France.
<br>Topic: Securing Identity with Conditional Access<br>


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