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** Enabling -
** Architecting -
* [ 8 Sales Skills You Need to Learn] - Why sales training or sales skills? Most leaders need to sell their ideas to their employees, business leaders, and the board. Thought it would be good to cover the eight essential sales skills you need to learn, wheter whether you're a leader or in sales:
** How to Be a ‘Driver’
** Effective Communication
** Storytelling
* [ The Trust Crisis] - Facebook, Boeing, and too many other firms are losing the public’s faith. Can they regain it?
* [ Five Management Lessons From the Apollo Moon Landing] - In November 1968, seven months before the moon landing, the journal Science wrote that the space program’s “most valuable spin-off of all will be human rather than technological: better knowledge of how to plan, coordinate, and monitor the multitudinous and varied activities of the organizations required to accomplish great social undertakings.” Here are five management lessons Apollo taught us:** Have a clear objective.** Harness incongruence.** Delegate but decide.** Effectiveness over elegance.** Improvise.
* [ How Apollo 11 influenced modern computer software and hardware] - Paul Kostek, a senior Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) member and senior systems expert at Base2, states it simply: “Prior to the Apollo lunar mission computers were huge machines that filled up entire rooms.” NASA had to overcome various challenges, including:
** Even without microprocessors, engineers on the Apollo program were able to scale a computer down to something that could be flown into space.


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