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* [ The 3 Types of Leaders of Innovative Companies] - Deborah Ancona and Kate Isaacs, researchers at MIT Sloan School of Management, say many companies struggle to be nimble with a command-and-control leadership culture. They studied Xerox’s R&D outfit PARC and the materials science company W.L. Gore & Associates and found these highly innovative organizations have three kinds of leaders:
** Entrepreneurial - Project-level leaders who bubble-up innovation with new products or business models** Enabling - Middle management leaders, but not traditional middle management, that help the entrepreneurial leaders with experience, connections, and reenforcement of company principles** Architecting -Executive leaders creating the structures and cultures for Entrepreneurial and Enabling leaders to succeed with the strategic vision for the company
* [ 8 Sales Skills You Need to Learn] - Why sales training or sales skills? Most leaders need to sell their ideas to their employees, business leaders, and the board. Thought it would be good to cover the eight essential sales skills you need to learn, whether you're a leader or in sales:
** How to Be a ‘Driver’


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