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ES Episode148

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Interview: Mehul Revankar, SaltStack
= Interview: Mehul RevankarJohn Smith, [ SaltStackextrahop ExtraHop] =[[File:MehulRevankarJohnSmith.jpg|thumb|right|<center>[ Mehul Revankarin/jmsazboy John Smith] is the Sr. Product Manager Principal Sales Engineer, Security at [ SaltStackextrahop ExtraHop]</center>]] Mehul is I have over 21 years of experience in IT the last 17 in a Sr. Product Manager for security Architect level role. While I refuse to use the term "thought leader" but I have fortunate enough to be a selected speaker at SaltStack where he is responsible for building solutions that help Salt users secure their infrastructure across cloudseveral conferences including Briforum (twice), onCitrix Synergy (3x) as well as RSAC 2017 and 2 different B-prem, hybrid Sides events in the last four years. My background is as a generalist but has swung back into Security in the last 8 years giving me over ten years of Cyber Security Experience. In 2010 I was awarded Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) by Citrix Systems and now IoT platformscurrently maintain two blogs [http://wiredata. Before joining SaltStack, Mehul led multiple research teams across Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance net and Asset detection at Tenable http://wiredata.<br><br>'''Segment Topicnet and http:'''//].<br> The Sec & Ops challengeI have extensive training and mentoring experience including two years as an adjunct instructor and over a dozen years of mentoring younger engineers. I have also functioned in a supervisory role either as a technical manager or team lead for over ten years including handling HR related issues, writing evaluations and assisting with career planning. <br><br>'''Segment Description:'''<br> IT operations and Network Detection & Response (NDR) as a critical component of cloud-first security teams are very different, but at a high level they both work to create because of the need for east-west visibility across cloud and on-premises assets, and because combining behavioral-based threat detection with signature-based detection gives organizations a highly available digital infrastructure that’s secure better chance of discovering threats quickly enough (and compliant with regulatory standards. Achieving this goal is easier said than done for most organizations. SaltStack is bringing new solution enough context) to market to solve this well know but unique problemmitigate the damage.

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