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ES Episode148

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= Interview: Joe Gillespie, [ Netsparker ] =<!-- [[File:CharlesThompsonJoeGillespie.jpg|thumb|right|<center>[ Charles Thompsonin/joergillespie Joe Gillespie] is the Senior Director of Product Management Regional Sales Manager at [ Viavinetsparker Netsparker]</center>]] -->
= Interview: Brandon Edwards, Capsulate8 =
<!-- [[File:CharlesThompsonBrandonEdwards.jpg|thumb|right|<center>[ Charles Thompsondrraid Brandon Edwards] is the Senior Director of Product Management Chief Scientist at [ ViaviCapsule8]</center>]] Brandon Edwards is Capsule8’s Chief Scientist responsible for cybersecurity research strategy and for operationalizing findings into resulting innovations. Prior to Capsule8, Brandon was VP of Threat Labs at BAE Systems, having joined the company through its successful acquisition of SilverSky, where he designed their cloud-based, zero->day prevention product. Brandon has also served as hacker-in-residence at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and held senior security roles at TippingPoint and McAfee.

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